Anaplan’s thoughts after this recognition


Anaplan got recognition as a leader in Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant for Sales Performance Management (SPM). This is indeed one of the best Anaplan’s achievements this year. Gartner liked Anaplan’s connected planning platform, as well as its advanced compensation modeling, ability to implement plans, excellent customer satisfaction, quick computation speeds and a lot more. Anaplan became the company that best matched Gartner’s vision for 2017 Magic Quadrant for SPM.

The big recognition wasn’t so surprising, although it was duly appreciated, as Anaplan for Sale combines two things to make a single, powerful platform: Territory and Quota Management and Incentive Compensation Management (ICM). The newly formed single platform offers flawless visibility and cooperation across your whole sales department. In other words, the platform promotes collaboration among sales operators, sales representatives, sales leaders and other sales staffs. The result is increased sales performance management and overall corporate success.

About Gartner Research

Gartner’s research publications consist of the views of its research company only. So, its opinions should not be assumed to be completely factual. Gartner does not give its approval to any product, service or merchant who appear in its research journals. As well, it does not ask users of modern technology to always pick the sellers that it has rated highly or has awarded another designation. Gartner does not accept all kinds of warranties with regard to this research or any other.

Anaplan’s connect solutions

The company is known to have software solutions that unite people, data and plans across an organization. A solution that is largely used in large and fastest growing businesses, Anaplan’s planning platform promotes decision making process in each business activity. It is just the thing if you want to make accurate and suitable decisions in a quick and effective manner.

Anaplan solutions give you the power and versatility to plan for every section of your business, including sales. This enhances teamwork and triggers better business performance in the whole organization. In order to attain the intended sales goals, your sales leaders should inspire their sales agents via attainable plans and logical sales compensation payments. While using Anaplan’s platform, the leaders don’t have to struggle to align their sales strategy with the organization’s goals.

If you want to improve sales performance and expand your company’s end result, use Anaplan’s connect solutions to optimize your sales performance. It is the system that will help you drop outdated tools such as point of sale, spreadsheets and legacy systems. It will not just promote your sales planning; Anaplan will as well sharpen your sales forecast, boost ICM crediting and computations, and release sales plans on time.

Integrate people, data and plans

Anaplan is here to simplify your work and save your time and money. It is a cloud computing platform with in-memory data processing, great scalability and excellent security. It has incredibly great features such as the App HUB. This is a hub that contains an increasing batch of apps that you can easily modify to match your tastes, use them as they are or create your own apps and place then in the App HUB. With over 150 apps, you can easily apply them to various workflows: your sales performance management optimization, financial planning and budgeting, call center functions and so on.

There are various publishing features, including PDF reports, charts, dashboards, Excel® plug-in and more. Anaplan’s connect platform tracks in real time while the Hyperblock TM technology allows updates to be made to any model in quick manner. Besides its advanced data integration capabilities, in-memory data processing engine and multi-dimensional planning, Anaplan is available on mobile. This is great because there is no time you will be disconnected from the cloud as all you require is your mobile browser.